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The “Einstein”

A picture of a 3D printed new math shape the Einstein

Have your heard about the recent discovery of a new shape? The “Einstein” is a 13-sided aperiodic monotile that is creating quite the buzz.  A 3D design is available on Thingiverse and we have been printing them out in the Makerspace. The pieces are fun and relaxing to arrange and re-arrange. Drop by the Makerspace […]

More than just building a robot 

Image of a blue robot

The Library’s Makerspace program “You Can Build a Robot!” is a wonderful informal learning opportunity for participants on many levels. Program participants will develop competencies in 3D printing, microcontrollers and programming basics within a supportive learning community. However, more than just the gains in technical skills, participants will develop confidence in their abilities to tackle […]

In-person workshops

The UTSC Library Makerspace is re-introducing in-person workshops starting Fall 2022. Our next in-person sessions are:Introduction to 3D PrintingSeptember 15 @ 12:10pmBV 498 Introduction to 3D DesignSeptember 21 @ 12:10pmThe BRIDGE Lab (IC Building) See our Events calendar for a list of all of our workshops.