The UTSC Library Makerspace has been designed to turn creative ideas into realities, by making the resources to do so available and accessible. We provide access to space equipped with modern technology, such as 3D printers, iMac computers, Adobe programs, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and more. 

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The UTSC Library Makerspace is located in AC256.


Monday to Friday11am to 6pm
Saturday and SundayClosed


Go to the library’s events calendar to sign up for the next Makerspace workshop.

Introduction to 3D Design
This session will introduce 3D Design using Tinkercad, a free 3D design platform that is great for beginners. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to make a basic model ready to 3D print.
Microcontrollers: The Basics
This hands-on session will introduce you to the basics of Arduino. We will work with a virtual Arduino kit. At the end of the workshop, you will have a general understanding of circuitry and how to create a simple circuit using Arduino.
Microcontrollers: Beyond the Basics
This hands-on session will move beyond creating basic circuits. We will work with various sensors and other signal types. It is recommended that you attend the “Arduino: Basics” workshop beforehand or have a basic understanding of circuits and microcontrollers.
Introduction to Stop Motion (online)Learn the basics for creating a Stop Motion video using Stop Motion Studio app and a mobile phone or tablet. At the end of the workshop, you will have knowledge of the tools, software and steps needed to make a basic Stop Motion video.
Podcasts: The Basics (online)This introductory workshop will introduce you to the tools and resources related to podcasts. You will learn about best practices for creating a podcast, including choosing a format, comparing recording software and selecting the proper equipment needed to complete your digital project.
Podcasts: Beyond the Basics (online)This session moves beyond the basics of creating an audio production. We will discuss what to consider if you want to publish your podcast. You will learn about mastering, podcast directories and RSS feeds. Included is a hands-on exercise on how to edit an audio file using Audacity.
Image of the co-curricular record logo

The Makerspace has a Co-Curricular Record called “Creative Digital Technologies“. Attend four workshops and complete a reflection paper to earn a Co-Curricular Record. Look for the posting on the CCR website.

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is an official institutional document that recognizes your involvement outside the classroom, as a significant part of your U of T experience.